Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time is now for OpenSource

Looking at the biggest and most popular websites online you will notice one thing. Nobody uses anything proprietary. Most of the sites are built with the LAMP stack. Why? Because its cheaper! You can't make a billion dollars off of penny banner ads if every year you have to pay maintenance to Oracle and Microsoft for licensing.
I also see OpenSource applications competing for top spots in more markets than ever before. SugarCRM, Alfresca, and Pentaho are three that have really surprised me with the design and feature set. The TCO is perfect for companies that recognized the need but can't afford the gigantic legacy software companies.
It makes perfect sense to me that this depressed market will force the next evolution in software. Many companies refuse to allow open source unless they are idemnified by some third party. Companies won't be able to ignore the cost savings of open source. Paying for support is offered by multiple companies plus provided by the open community. Third party companies will have to compete to provide support. That is the new model. This will make new fixes also available to the open source community as a whole. The more competition the better the supported software becomes and the more comfortable companies become in using these products.
Watch the market! The open source evolution is happening now!

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