Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Face It FaceBook is a killer app

After initialy declining FaceBook invitations I finally gave into the SuperPoke. After a week of using it I realized that I was working with an awesome piece of software. The average user may not recognize all the pieces wokring together governed by a very slick access management model.
Its the ability to understand your settings without having to file a ticket or decipher help manuals that would describe a hierarchy that usually doesn't mean anything to the average user. What?
The next time you add a photo to Facebook realize that you can allow the photo to be public, viewed by your network, your friends of friends, friends only, or a customized group. This is perfect or at least the closest model I have seen on the internet today. How do I know the model works? Because I have a number of friends over the age of 50 that are using it wihout problems! Most internet apps today target one age group or one type of user and leave the rest of the people to utlize only what they understand. Facebook allows everyone to utlize instant messanger, alerting and notifications, photo sharing, blogging, third party apps for their own enjoyment while. Then add in the fact that any user can customize what is seen by other people and you have a complete application in my mind.

How does Facebook truly open their alerts to other companies? I think that is the challenge otherwise you can bet the big boys(Facebook is the largetst online community today) like Google, Microsoft,and Yahoo are already taking notice of what they missed on.

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